Schuyler County Currently has 1 program available:

1. The NYS-AHC Program

What is the NYS-AHC Program?

The New York State Affordable Housing Corporation is a home improvement project funded in part through the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation.  It is intended to provide partial grant assistance to property owners in Chemung, Steuben and Schuyler Counties.

What are the eligibility factors?

Your total combined GROSS income for all income bearing members in the household, over the age of 18, must be less than the dollar amount specified above.

Who will determine the work that is needed?

On the application, list the repairs that you would like done to your home.  The NYS-AHC will award partial grant assistance for necessary home repairs.  Cosmetics will not be permitted; these include siding, painting or driveways and/or work to detached garages/carports that do not carry the same roofline as your dwelling.  Program goals are to eliminate threats to health and safety and will be made a priority.

What type of rehabilitation work is permitted?

Rehabilitation activities can include, but are not limited to the following:


It should be emphasized that not all housing deficiencies may be corrected.  It is CPI’s priority however to eliminate all serious threats to health and safety with the funds that are available at the time of your acceptance.


Who will do the work?

CPI has a list of program eligible contractors for you to choose from.  A minimum of three bids is preferred for your project(s).  If you decide to solicit a bid(s) from a contractor(s) not on CPI’s list, it will be permitted.  However, if that contractor submits the lowest bid and is awarded the contract, you will be responsible for submitting the Contractor’s Certificate of Insurance, naming you as the certificate holder.

All contractors must possess a minimum of $500,000 liability coverage and carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance, even if the contractor is a self-employed contractor (this is a requirement of CPI’s Insurance Company).

Assistance to be provided will be based on the lowest responsible bid received.  If the property owner does not wish to hire the lowest responsible bidder, he/she may select another contractor, but must pay the difference in cost.

Type of assistance available:

Owner-occupants with a household income within the applicable limits for their household size will be eligible for deferred loan assistance.  Assistance will be based on need and date of application.  Maximum assistance will be up to $25,500 per structure on a $45,000 project, as long as the homeowner has the other matching 40% to support this grant amount.

Assistance will be provided as a partial Grant.  Eligible homeowner’s will be awarded 60% of the total cost of the home repair, not to exceed $25,500.  The homeowner’s 40% of the total project cost is required at the time of the contract signing.  There is a processing fee associated with this grant.  At the contract signing a Notice to Proceed will be issued to begin work, along with the NYS-AHC Contract and the Note & Mortgage.

NO work will begin until CPI receives the homeowner’s 40% portion, a contract is signed between the homeowner and the contractor and a Notice to Proceed is issued.

A Note & Mortgage will be filed with the County Clerk once the total project has been completed and the homeowner, contractor and CPI representative have signed a Certificate of Completion.

The NYS-AHC Program will not reimburse any property owner for work completed prior to the approval of the application for assistance, and will not pay for any work not under contract through the program.

What does the entire rehabiliation process involve?

Once an application has been submitted and proper documentation provided to CPI by the homeowner, the procedure outlined below will be followed:

All work must be completed within 30 days from the start date listed on the Notice to Proceed.  Contractors are expected to be on-site the entire time and not to engage in other outside projects.  If weather becomes an issue, the contractor must notify the homeowner that they are unable to work at that time, but are expected to return to the worksite as soon as the conditions improve.

What about changes to the project?

If, during the course of the rehabilitation work, an unexpected problem occurs or is discovered that requires a change in the contract, the contractor and/or owner must immediately contact CPI to verify the condition.

In some cases, formal change orders can be issued changing the scope of work, which will also add an additional cost to the homeowner.  This will be due and payable prior to the onset of the additional work.  At no time should work be added, changed or deleted from the agreed upon contract without approval from CPI and a change order completed and approved. Homeowners are not permitted to request additional work from contractors once the work begins!

Is the rehabilitation guaranteed?

Yes, upon completion of rehabilitation work, the contractor will supply to CPI and the property owner a two (2) year guarantee that all work will be free of defects arising from the workmanship of the contractor or sub-contractor.   Contractor will supply copies of written warranties or guarantees from  suppliers and manufacturers.

What after rehab?

Because the rehabilitation process has many checks and balances and inspections, problems after rehabilitation should be minimal.  It is always possible, however, that something could go wrong or be discovered after rehabilitation work has been completed and all funds expended.  If this occurs, property owners should contact their contractor.  Do not contact CPI, as the contract is between the homeowner and contractor.  CPI is a pass-through agency for deferred loans only and does not carry responsibility within contract obligations between homeowner and contractor.

Any questions...please contact CPI staff at (607) 962-3506

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