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Our Services

Community Progress, Inc. provides home repair services to residents of Chemung, Steuben, and Schuyler Counties through a number of different programs based on your needs and living situation: NYS Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC), Manufactured Home Replacement, and NYS HOME Program. Applications, descriptions and links for each program are listed below, as well as eligibility and requirements that must be met for receiving funds.

If you have any questions about our available programs, including questions about eligibility, please contact CPI.

Home repair funding is used for critical repairs only; cosmetic and non-essential amenities will not be eligible to receive assistance. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Weatherization

  • Handicap accessibility upgrades

  • Repairs (heating systems, electrical, plumbing, septic, issues related to health & safety)

  • Essential components (doors, roof replacement, windows, stairs, safe entryways, etc.)

Mobile and Manufactured Home Replacement Program - The MMHR program uses funds to assist homeowners in replacing dilapidated mobile or manufactured homes that are sited on land owned by the homeowner, with a new manufactured home. Replaced units must meet NYS and/or Local Code upon completion. Rehabilitation of a manufactured home is not an eligible activity. Applicants must own the manufactured home and property; homes located in parks or on rented/leased land are not eligible.

Homeowners will be required to pay up-front for New York State sales taxes on the new unit and possible relocation fees associated with the transfer of the new unit.

For more information on the Manufactured Home Replacement Program, please click here.

This Program is not currently available.

NYS HOME Program- The NYS Home Program uses federal HOME Investment Partnership Program funds to rehabilitate single-family, income-eligible, owner-occupied for the purpose of eliminating critical health and safety threats and/or hazards in the home. The HOME program partners with local municipalities, private developers and community-based nonprofit organizations.


HOME Program funds may only be used for owner-occupied rehabilitation projects and are subject to limitations set forth by federal regulations. Additionally, homes must pass an initial inspection, including lead and radon testing, weatherization audits, and an environmental/energy review.

This program is regulated to address home repairs that do not meet Housing Quality Standards, with special attention given to lead and weatherization issues. The grant funds are not available to provide for cosmetic amenities within the home, but rater the necessities to keep the home in acceptable standards.

Manufactured homes are not eligible for HOME Program assistance (see below for alternative programs).

For more information on the NYS HOME Program, please click here.

This program is not currently available.

NYS Affordable Housing Corporation (WAIT-LIST) - CPI will award partial funding assistance for necessary home repairs. Cosmetics will not be permitted; these include siding, painting or driveways and/or work to detached garages/carports that do not carry the same roof-line as your dwelling. Program goals are to eliminate threats to health and safety and will be made a priority.

Deferred loan assistance for home repairs will be made available to homeowners in Chemung, Steuben, and Schuyler Counties. Eligible participants must own, and have resided in, the home in question for no less than one year prior to the application date and be up-to-date on all property and mortgage payments.

Awards are based on total household income. The house may not be sold or refinanced while the AHC lien is attached to the property.

For more information on the NYS AHC Program, please click here.

For a CPI Program application, please click here.

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