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A new and better place to call home!

Imagine living in a home with a leaky roof, drafty doors and windows, and mould growing in your walls. For one Bath, NY family, that was the reality they lived with every day. But thanks to Community Progress, Inc. and the Manufactured Home Replacement Program (MHRP), they will soon be moving into a new environment without the health and safety risks they'd faced in their old, dilapidated home.

The home before the MHRP grant

Above: the old home, before the MHRP grant was awarded.

Below: A new, better manufactured home on it's way!

The replacement home on the way!

This program uses funds to assist homeowners in replacing dilapidated mobile or manufactured homes sited on land owned by the homeowner, with a new manufactured home. New manufactured homes are built to meet all applicable standards of safety and code, providing families with a warm and secure place to live.

For more information on the MHRP, visit our program page here, or contact Community Progress, Inc.

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