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Autumn is arriving soon. Will your property be ready in time for winter?

The leaves are falling, and the weather is getting cooler. Autumn brings a lot of changes, as well as a lot of maintenance!

One of the most important tasks to perform is cleaning the gutters. Rain that backs up onto a roof can cause significant damage if it gets trapped, leading to leaks in the future. Also, water spouts help lead water away from your home's foundation, so be sure those are properly moving water as well.

Speaking of leaves, there are better ways of dealing with them than just letting them lie around on your lawn. Try composting them by mulching them, or even make special fertilizer with them. Leaves left buried over winter can kill lawns, so even if you have to bag them and set them on the curb, it's still a better option than ignoring them.

Finally, don't dread autumn's arrival, have some seasonal fun as well! Hay rides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and cider presses are all family-friendly activities that only come in Autumn, so be sure to make time to enjoy the special bounty of the season!

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